Wednesday, June 8, 2011

 Sorry guys, its been a while. I have been incredibly busy with work and school. I've also had to deal with some very stressing family issues. Without further ado, let me update this blog with a good ol' fashion Q&A

Q: what's the nastiest thing you've ever seen in school?

A: She had two phones because shes a rich privileged whore. 
The nastiest thing I've seen in school is for a senior prank, a bunch of kids i guess shit in a bucket and spread it around the school parking lot. Guess who had to clean it up?

Q: What did you do in high school, because I really want to go to a school like WPI (mostly because it's a nearby school that's actually good.)

A: You have a good start. What I recommend is doing A LOT of outside of school related work. Making web pages for a small local shop or friends. If a school sees you do a lot without school making you motivated and just making yourself motivated, they will want you in a heart beat.

Q: Is any of the sperm yours?

A: :3

Q: A janitor who went to MIT. That's unusual.

A: I get the Good Will Hunting references from my professors all the time. They call me Will.

Q: What was your dream and what did you think when you became a janitor.

A: My dream is to contribute innovative ideas for technology. Me being a janitor supports that with extra money and extra time to do studying.

Q: Have you ever walked in on 2 people having sex in the toilets/or anywhere?

A: I've walked in on 2 girls eating each other out in the locker rooms after track. I left and cleaned else where until they left. I may be a man but I'm not a douche.

Q: Have you ever solved complicated math problems conveniently left on boards outside classrooms?

A: Yes.

Q: How old are you? I get an image in my head that you are like 40-50 years old. But that can't be true right?

A: Ill be 27 in July

Q: Have you ever taken a shit somewhere noticeable then blamed it on another kid?

A: Nope, but its on my to-do list now.

Q: Ever beat a kid ?

A: Came close to.


Sorry Facepunch <3 

please forgive me :)

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