Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Archived Questions #1


First off, I should introduce myself

I am a High school Janitor and Director of Technology for the same school. I work the Tech job during the day and the custodial job after school. That pretty much sums it up.

Questions and Answers:

Q: when someone shits in the urinal what do you do

A: What I usually do is get a plastic bag and wrap the turd with it. I drop it into a black trash bag and dispose of it like any other peice of trash. I then get a hand held toilet bowl brush, and begin to get rid of the streak marks.

Then I finish it all off with some lemon sented toilet soap.

Q: What do you do when you find kids smoking weed in the bathroom? 

A: Depending on my mood, i let them finish because i too smoke the green or if they are kids who never gave me respect, i report their wigger asses.

Q: How many janitors does it take to change a lightbulb? 

A: 1.

Q: r u poor?

A: Depending on your experience, Janitors make good money. Well if your a full timer that is. This job is enough to pay my bills.

Q: If somebody draws with pencil on the walls, how do you get it off? 

A: I use this special Chemical Spray that can really eat away at anything Pencil, Marker, Scratches. Its funny how advanced janitorial equipment is.

Q: Are there any teenagers that surprised you that they treated you well and with respect. Like that your first impression was "punk" or something but actually was nice and friendly to you? 

A: Yes, i actually have a couple of friends who sit with me during my lunchbreak and talk about computers and stuff. Sometimes they bring their laptops that have problems and have me fix it. They think im lying when I tell them I manage and run the schools Servers. 

Q: Do you pee sitting down? 

A: NO, After what I have seen done to toilet seats. No. I would NOT advise pee sitting down in a public restroom.

Q: Do you have any students you regularly talk to? 

A: Yes, See above.

Q: Scrub in circles or up and down? 

A: It really depends actually. I find scrubbing in circles works for somethings better than scrubbing up and down. Vice versa.

Q: What does it take to become a janitor?

A: Honesty and Dignity.

Q: Do you like your job? 

A: Its a simple job, but its very much diffrent than sitting behind 3 monitors analysing server traffik and fixing hardware issues around the public schools. During the week im in a suit, and during the weekends im elbow deep in toilet water with a blue maintenence tshirt and jeans.

Q: Do you get more money for being a High School Janitor, since, presumably, you deal with more bullshit?

A: The pay is the same, you get better benefits though.


  1. Are you messy at home because you're just so tired of cleaning at work?

  2. What is the most disgusting situation where you had to clean?